The following are some privacy protection claims scenarios from RLI. RLI’s privacy protection (cyber insurance) policy RLI Protect(TM) is available through PDI. Contact Us for more information.

Privacy Protection Claims Scenarios

Are you protected?

The technology risks that companies face today are more complex than ever before and no company is immune to the risks.

An email with a virus was specifically sent to an architect. When the architect opened the email, the virus corrupted all files on the computer and network. As a result, the architect incurred considerable costs to repair and restore the files.

An engineer’s contract with a contractor contained a confidentiality clause protecting business information. The engineer lost the contractor’s confidential information, was sued and had to pay substantial defense costs and damages.

A design firm failed to properly clear content on their website when posting web photos and other materials without proper approval. As a result, the design firm was sued and had to pay substantial defense costs and damages.

A hacker gained access to an engineering firm’s network and stole personal information of employees and clients. The firm incurred notification costs, credit monitoring expenses, public relations expenses and forensic expert analysis expenses.


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