Project Insurance and E&O

Common Policy Features

Many of the policies we’ll consider for you or your project will be very similar but it’s those subtle variations that make the difference between good coverage and great coverage, and it takes experience to know those differences.

Because insurance for the design professional is all we do, we know how to make sure you get the best and most useful policy features. We start by using the strongest, most reputable providers. Then we work with them to tailor coverage specific to your needs, making sure you receive the broadest and most inclusive policy. As a result, you’ll know your coverage offers you the most complete protection available for a very competitive price.

Here’s a sampling of our policy features:
Broad “Professional Service” definition
2- and 3-year policies available
Includes Leased Personnel
Includes “Predecessor in Interest”
Includes retired principals while acting as consultants for the Named Insured
Innocent Principal coverage
Includes Blanket Contractual Liability coverage
Worldwide coverage
Automatic Extended “Claims” Reporting Period of 60 days
Three Year Extended Reporting Period option with predetermined premium
Blanket Joint Venture coverage for the Insured’s portion of the joint venture regardless of the joint venture partner’s activity
Specific “Project Excess” on a separately insured project if added by endorsement
No Asbestos exclusion
No Pollution exclusion
No Cost Estimates exclusion
Equity Interest exclusion amended to include coverage for situations where the Insured’s ownership interest is 49% or less
No Bankruptcy exclusion
Favorable Notice of Circumstance provision
Pre-Claims assistance
Oral or written claim notice
Allowable Insured expense of $500 per day up to $10,000 total for attending a legal proceeding at the Company’s request
Punitive damages covered on libel and slander
Mediation Credit of up to 50% of the deductible with a maximum of $25,000 if a claim is settled by mediation
Subrogation enhancement allowing 100% recovery of the Insured’s deductible if a subrogation recovery is made

Not all features available in every policy.

Contact us and let us go to work for you. Our expertise will make insurance one less worry for you.