About PDI

Since PDI’s beginning in 1980 we’ve handled a single line of coverage: errors & omissions for design professionals.

As specialists, we handle a very narrow part of the insurance spectrum and we know it very well. And although our niche is laser-focused, our range of coverage options is ever growing because of our experience and continual research. We have a depth of knowledge in this field that is unmatched.

Insurance agents have a big job – there are a lot of bases to cover. When it comes to specialty errors and omissions coverage, we are a tremendous resource. We can offer our expertise as invisible consultants or your point of contact, helping you maintain the largest commissions while providing the proper coverage in these sensitive areas.

Ken McComb has spent his career crafting liability coverage for design professionals and their agents.

Whether it’s a simple interior design policy or project insurance for a multi-million dollar structure, Ken knows the key to protecting your interests is in the details.

PDI’s service doesn’t end after the sale. Our Loss Prevention Manual and Loss Prevention Seminars will help you avoid using the safety net provided by our coverage. Insurance is an organic business, and we help you stay continually ahead of the growth curve when it comes to errors and omissions coverage.

We’re a national wholesale brokerage firm with a network that includes thousands of retail insurance agents, brokers, architects, engineers and contractors in all 50 states.