Insurance for

Design Professionals

Wholesale Specialist in Errors & Omission for Design Professionals

We do one thing, and we do it well. We’ve specialized in Design Professionals Insurance as a wholesaler since 1980. We work with retail agents to craft a professional program for their clients that will outshine the competition. Give us a call and see for yourself.


While architects always try to do their best for their clients, mistakes happen.


The possibility of being sued is a reality for all engineers. Protect your business.

Project Insurance

Very few companies write project insurance or owners protective insurance, but we do. 

General Contractors

PDI offers you general contractor insurance designed just for your business.

Interior Designers

Interior designers and interior design firms should all carry some form of business insurance.

Construction Managers

The most well-planned construction projects can still have unexpected exposures.

Miscellaneous E&O

Miscellaneous Errors and Omissions covers the errors made while providing professional services.

Environmental Engineers

Professional liability insurance is the most important coverage an environmental engineer purchases.

Geotechnical Engineers

 For geotechs, risk management can help avoid project upsets and claims.

Give us a call and let us go to work for you. We have years of experience and know how to adequately cover your projects.


Insurance Coverage for New Design Professional Firms

Insurance Coverage for New Design Professional Firms

Finding coverage for a new entity can be tricky, even when the business owners are professionals with a proven track record. With that in mind, RLI created their Emerging Design Professionals (EDP) program. The program is tailored for new design firms and...

Performance Bond Issues

Performance Bond Issues

Most construction contracts for major projects and almost all contracts with public entities will require performance bonds and payment bonds.Most design professionals are not structured financially to have the necessary financial assets to induce a Surety...

General Contractor Insurance FAQs

General Contractor Insurance FAQs

We work with retail agents every day who field tough questions from their design and construction clients. Here's a few common questions we get asked about general contractors. Is it wise of General Contractors to require professional subconsultants to...

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