Package Insurance

for Architects & Engineers

We specialize in professional liability for design companies, architects and engineers. We also offer a full line of other coverages specifically tailored for architects & engineers. (these coverages are ONLY available for architects & engineers).

See our PDF Brochure or choose a link to below to read an overview of coverages available. (coverages and limits are subject to change, please consult the policy form for the actual coverages, limits, terms and conditions.)

Coverages Available
Property Coverages

Liability Coverages

Excess Liability

Auto Coverages

Workers Compensation Coverages

Property Coverages
Full Replacement Cost
No coinsurance
Business Income and Extra Expense
Ordinance or Law – $250,000 limit
Interruption of Computer Operations – $500,000 limit
Claims Data Expense – $10,000
Equipment Breakdown
Newly Acquired Property – up to 180 days
Property off-premises
Valuable Papers – $100,000 blanket. Can increase
Accounts Receivable – $250,000 blanket Can increase
Fine Arts – $100,000 blanket. Can increase
Computers & Electronic Data
Contract Penalty Coverage – $25,000
Identity Fraud – $25,000
Utility Services – $25,000 can increase
Outdoor Property – $10,000
Water Backup & Sump Overflow – $25,000 can increase
Money & Securities – $25,000 can increase
Employee Dishonesty – $50,000 can increase
ERISA – $100,000 can increase
Green Building & BPP Upgrade Endorsement Available
Tools, Equipment and Watercraft Optional Endorsement

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Auto Coverage
Broad Form Named Insured
Employees as Insured
Blanket Add’l Insureds
Blanket Waiver of Subrogation
Employee Hired Autos
Fellow Employee Coverage
Auto Loan/Lease Gap Coverage
Glass Repair – waiver of deductible
Hired Auto Physical Damage – Loss of Use
Hired Car – Worldwide Coverage
Rental Car Expenses
Amended Bodily Injury Definition – Mental Anguish
Airbag Coverage
Railroad Easement
Coverage Extensions – Audio, visual & data
Electronic Equipment
Notice of and Knowledge of Occurrence
Personal Effects
Unintentional Errors & Omissions
Hired Auto Physical Damage – Up to $60,000
Towing Coverage

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Liability Coverages
Medical Payments – $10,000 incl
First Aid & Good Samaritan Services
Damage to Premises Rented to You – $1,000,000
Non-Owned Watercraft
Canoes & Rowboats
Aircraft Chartered with Crew
Per Project & Location General Aggregate
Electronic Data Liability
Newly Acquired or Formed Organizations
Unnamed Partnerships & Joint Ventures
Blanket Additional Insureds
Waiver of Subrogation
Amended Personal & Advertising Injury
Amended Insured Contract
Amended Bodily Injury
Optional Liability Endorsements
Hired & Non-Owned Auto Liability
Hired Car Physical Damage
Scheduled Additional Insured
Foreign Liability
Watercraft Liability
Employee Benefits Liability
Stop Gap Coverage for Monopolistic States
Notice of Cancellation to Designated Entity

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Excess Liability for Architects & Engineers
Follow Form for the Underlying for the following coverages:

General Liability
Auto Liability
Employers Liability
Employee Benefits Liability

Excess Liability Optional Endorsements
Per Project or Per Location General Aggregate Limit
Primary & Non-Contributory for Add’l Insureds
Blanket Waiver of Subrogation as required by contract
Notice of Cancellation to Designated Entity

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Workers Compensation
Waiver of Subrogation
Notice of Cancellation to Designated Entities
Employers Liability Increased Limits
USL&F – if any basis up to 10% payroll
Premium Audit – Streamlined process

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