Errors and Omissions Insurance

for All Design Professionals

Does your company offer advice or advertise yourself as an expert to clients? If the answer is yes, you will likely be considered a professional in the eyes of the legal system and could potentially be sued for errors and omissions. Even if your profession doesn’t have published practices and procedures, your business is subject to potential liability and clients can file a claim against you.

Potential liabilities
Companies that perform professional services can make mistakes, overlook critical information, forget to do something, or can simply be misunderstood by a client. These mistakes can lead to allegations such as:

Improper documentation
Failure to provide a service

Professional liability errors and omissions (E & O) insurance protects companies and individuals against claims made by clients for inadequate work or negligent actions. Errors and Omissions insurance covers a number of potential costs related to a claim including:

Legal Fees – Even if the claim against you has no merit, you are still required to defend yourself either through negotiations or a trial. It will be necessary to retain an attorney to prepare documents, construct a defense and argue your case.

Court Costs – Court fees can add up quickly and can include docket fees, witness and transcript fees.

Settlement or Judgments – The amount awarded as damages relating to a lawsuit

Professional Design Insurance (PDI) offers Miscellaneous Errors & Omissions insurance for a number of professional categories with a broad range of coverage features tailored to the distinct needs of individual professions. This program covers firms with fees up to $1,000,000.

Professions Covered by the Miscellaneous Errors and Omissions Product:

Acoustical Consultants
Aerial Surveyors
Agricultural Consultants
Air Quality Consultants
Analytical Research & Laboratories
Alarm Consultant
Answer Service
Audio Consultants
Business Consultant/Manager/Planning
Chauffeurs & Driving Service
Cholesterol Testers
Concierge/Welcome Service
Conservation Consultant
Construction Estimator
Consumer Service
Convention Management
Corporate Entertainment Consulting
Cost Control Consultants
Court Reporting Services
Data Analysis Consultant
Disaster Recovery Services
Document Storage & Destruction Services
Education Consultants
Education Employment Consultant
Employment Agent
Environmental Inspectors
Ergonomic Consultant
Event/Convention/Trade Show/Wedding Organizer/Planner
Executive Recruiters
Exhibit Decorator
Expert Witness
Farm Management
Fire Control Specialist
Flood Zone Consultant
Food Inspectors
Forensic & Accident Investigators
Forensic Analysts
Graphic Designer
Habit Consultant
Help Desk Service
Horticultural Consultants
Hotel & Hostel Services
House & Moving Services
Human Resource Consultant

Industrial Hygiene Consultants
Information Technology Training
Interior Consultant
Interior Decorator/Designer
Inventory Services
Kennel/Pet Instruction/Animal Grooming
Landscape Designer
Learning Services
Lighting Services
Logistic/Supply Chain/Outsourcing
Loss prevention Inspectors
Management Consultants
Market Research & Public Opinion Polling
Marketing Services
Medical Billing Services
Meeting Planners
Micro-Filming & Record Bureau
Notary Public
Paging Services
Payroll Services
Personnel Agencies/Temp Services
Photo Studio/Lab
Project Management
Proof Readers
Public Opinion Polling/Tabulation Services
Public Relations
Quality Assurance/Six-Sigma/Business Process
Recreational Consultants
Recycling Services
Relocation Services
Removal Services
Researchers/Referral Services
Reservation Services/Ticket Sales
Resource Management
Resume/Letter Writing Service
Re-Vegetation Consultant
Safety Consultant
Secretarial Services
Security Systems Consultant
Speaker/Lecturer Bureau
Telecommunication Consulting
Temporary Staffing
Tourist Information Consultants
Trade/Professional Association
Traffic Consultants
Transport Consultants
Typing/Word Processing Services
Water & Land Drainage Specialists
Water Supply Consultants

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