Errors and Omissions Insurance

for Engineers

It’s a proud moment when you put your seal on a project. But it’s also when your liability begins – and your need for Errors and Omissions Insurance (sometimes known as Professional Liability Insurance) begins . And you want to make sure you have the ultimate in personal and professional coverage. That’s why so many engineers put their trust in PDI.

Engineers Have Different Coverage Needs
Engineers have liability issues that are unique. In nearly all other professions, an individual is protected by a corporate veil (if they’re incorporated). Design professionals don’t enjoy that added protection if they apply their seals to design documents. If design errors exist in those documents, the individual who sealed them could be held personally liable for the damage – putting his/her personal assets at risk.

Fortunately, all of the policies that PDI place for design professionals protect both the design firm and the individuals of the firm.

Another unique aspect to the engineering profession is there are many different engineering disciplines. A mechanical engineer is viewed much differently than a structural engineer when it comes to liability caused by damage errors. A geotechnical engineer would be viewed differently yet.

PDI Has Specialty Insurance Expertise
Our knowledge of all facets of liability insurance for engineers has been hard-earned over our three decades in the business. Because of our experience as well as our relationships with some of the leading providers in the U.S. and abroad, we can find the best, most comprehensive coverage for you no matter what engineering discipline you practice.

And because errors and omissions/design liability insurance is all we do (and we do a lot of it), we consistently offer the lowest prices.

With PDI’s help, you can confidently put your seal on any project, knowing you and your interests are protected.

Contact us and let us go to work for you. Our expertise will make insurance one less worry for you.