Errors and Omissions Insurance

for Architects

Your chosen profession as an architect is enormously rewarding. Very few people get to experience the thrill of looking up at a structure, that was just a vision in your head a few months prior. So why do you need to think about Errors and Omission Insurance?

To the rest of us, your work is like magic. We see it, but don’t understand how you did it. As a matter of fact, we don’t understand much about the process at all. We don’t understand how complicated the process is nor the fact that there are so many other design elements and disciplines involved. And we certainly don’t understand that it is you, the Architect, who puts this whole process together like the conductor in the orchestra.

The Strain of High Expectations
At the end of the day, we see a beautiful structure that looks perfect and to us, it is perfect. This, in part, is why your work carries so much risk. Our society’s unrealistic expectation of perfection is part of the problem. Today design professionals are facing more and more complicated design on very tight budgets and short time schedules. It makes the need for Errors and Omissions insurance more critical than ever.

Experience Counts for Choosing Liability Insurance
PDI understands the strains put on a design firm. Over our 34 years in business, we have been through it all. With our experience, we will find you the most comprehensive policy at the most competitive price offered by the strongest, most well-regarded insurance providers in the industry.

Our policies offer worldwide protection that will cover you for any design error you make or feature you forgot to include. We even have markets that will offer you both professional as well as general liability coverage. These are special programs developed exclusively for design professionals.

We Understand Errors and Omissions Contract Language
Strong, complete professional liability insurance coverage is critically important to a design firm and nearly always contractually required. We work to keep you from ever having to use your Errors and Omissions coverage through our loss prevention programs. PDI will review your contracts for language that might conflict with your professional liability coverage and help you negotiate changes to the contract language you both you and your client can live with. We also have loss prevention webinars and in many cases these seminars offer continuing education credits.

Contact us and let us go to work for you. Our expertise will make insurance one less worry for you.