Insuring design-build accounts entails understanding factors that are somewhat unique in the realm of insurance. Here’s an article from IRMI that does a good job of explaining some of the basic issues, namely: 

1.) Risk Transfer is not enough – no one should rely on contracts and hold-harmless agreements

2.) Contractors Professional Insurance – not all forms are created equal and some older forms might not address many of the issues that exist today.

3.) The Definition of Professional Services – this determines scope of coverage. Care must be taken in how it is drafted or gaps in coverage will result.

4.) Direct vs Contingent Liability – it’s important to know how your policy addresses this.

5.) Joint Venture Coverage – There are numerous issues with joint ventures including past ventures, scope of coverage, named insured status and more.

6.) Exclusions – as with any insurance policy, it’s the exclusions that make the difference. Policies vary greatly in the number and scope of exclusions, which can be removed, which can be restated… Having a partner who can help you navigate exclusions is very important.

We work with these issues every day. It’s all we do. Contact us to discuss your next design-build insurance issue.


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