PDI is one of the few national wholesalers who have access to RLI’s Design Professionals program. One of the most intriguing offerings is their willingness to write new design firms and the resources they make available to new firms. Here’s an overview of the program. Call us for more information and to get a quote.


The RLI Emerging Design Professionals (EDP) program is tailored for design professionals with new or emerging businesses.

It provides design professionals with the required professional liability coverage they need to protect their business and access to extensive educational resources and industry expertise to help them grow their business.

EDP Program Highlights
  • Customized program tailored to the specific needs of growing design firms
  • Automatic 2-year policy term locks in your premium for the first two years
  • Full Prior Acts after 1 year of coverage*
  • First Dollar Defense automatically included
  • Minimum premiums starting at $1,250 per year
  • Customized learning events eligible for continuing education credits to maintain your professional license
  • P&C coverages (property, general liability, auto, workers′ compensation and excess) available

*Qualifications for eligibility include completion of Emerging Design Professionals Learning Events curriculum and no reported claims.


We cover firms with revenue under $250,000 that have no prior record of professional liability insurance.

What to Expect When Working With RLI:

We provide more than just insurance coverage. We give emerging design professionals the resources they need to help their business thrive, including:

  • Continuing education resources — Access to extensive continuing education resources that help EDP program participants identify new risks, understand how decisions impact the firm’s balance sheet, negotiate stronger contracts and avoid claims through strategic documentation.
  • Access to industry expertise — EDP program participants will be able to consult with our RLI design professionals team on risk management and business topics, giving them access to our team’s deep industry expertise and background working with A&E firms.
  • Business tips & tools — Information on emerging business and industry trends to help grow their business.


About PDI

PDI is an Indianapolis-based wholesale brokerage firm with a national network that includes thousands of insurance agents, brokers, architects, engineers and contractors in all 50 states. Since PDI’s beginning in 1980, we’ve handled a single line of coverage: errors & omissions (E&O) for design professionals. Contact Us today for a review of your design client's insurance program.