Resolve to Contact Us for your Architect & Engineers E&O Renewals in 2024!


As the year draws to a close and we all sort out our contingency situations, finish up our 1/1’s and plan to take a little time off, now is is a good time to think about how you’re going to handle your renewals in the new year.

Do you have design professional clients who have been insured with the same carrier for years? Have you been letting their A&E policies renew year after year without taking them to market?

Just last month we helped a Broker win a very large engineering firm. The client’s former broker had not shopped the risk in many years. With our knowledge and relationships with the markets, we were able to save the client well over $100,000 in annual premium.

Perhaps 2024 is the year you should consider having their programs reviewed by industry experts. At PDI, all we insure are design professionals. Our relationships with our carriers go back decades.

Create a renewal calendar for your architect and engineer clients and plan on submitting their account to us 60 days in advance. We’ll review the account with you and help you make sure your client’s program is crafted specifically for them.

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About PDI

PDI is an Indianapolis-based wholesale brokerage firm with a national network that includes thousands of insurance agents, brokers, architects, engineers and contractors in all 50 states. Since PDI’s beginning in 1980, we’ve handled a single line of coverage: errors & omissions (E&O) for design professionals. Contact Us today for a review of your design client's insurance program.