Design Professionals Insurance (architects and engineers errors and omissions) is all we do. A large part of specializing in a niche is “speaking their language” – understanding the terms and knowing who the players are.  For our producers who are specializing in design professionals, we’ve assembled some resources that will help bring you up to speed and give you some talking points at your next client meeting.

Engineering News Record – 2016 Top 500 Design Firms

Compare Colleges with Architectural Engineering Degrees

The 100 Largest Architecture Firms In the World

Top 300 Firms of 2016

Famous Structural Engineers

Glossary of Structural Engineering Terms (UK) 

Structural Engineer Association of San Diego Glossary

Joint and Structural Glossary

Dictionary of Architecture and Building Construction

If you want to discuss an account you’re working on, or just talk a little design professional lingo, give us a call.

About PDI

PDI is an Indianapolis-based wholesale brokerage firm with a national network that includes thousands of insurance agents, brokers, architects, engineers and contractors in all 50 states. Since PDI’s beginning in 1980, we’ve handled a single line of coverage: errors & omissions (E&O) for design professionals. Contact Us today for a review of your design client's insurance program.